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VSCO, Apple and World Wildlife Fund Team Up on Limited Edition Preset



VSCO has teamed up with Apple and the World Wildlife Fund to create a limited edition, charitable iOS preset. 100% of the proceeds from the preset go to the WWF, but you can only purchase it for the next 10 days before it disappears.

The preset is aimed at wildlife and nature photographers, and it was “inspired by the mission of conserving nature and promoting sustainability.”

“VSCO has partnered with Apple and WWF to work together to protect life on our planet,” writes VSCO. “The new WWF preset for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch enhances the lights and colors of natural settings, and is ideal for landscape and wildlife photography.”


The limited edition present—which was used to process both of the photo in this post—is only available for purchase until April 24th, at which point it will go away for good. It’ll cost you $0.99 as an in-app purchase on your favorite iOS device and, as we mentioned at the top, 100% of the proceeds go directly to the World Wildlife Fund.

To find out more, see more sample photos, or download it for yourself, read the official VSCO announcement here.

Image credits: Photographs by Steven Turville, used courtesy of VSCO.