Monogram for iOS Lets You Carry a Beautiful Photo Portfolio in Your Pocket


Monogram is a new iOS app by the printing company MOO that lets you design an elegant portfolio of your photos and carry it with you in your pocket.

It’s “a simple and beautiful way to share what you do,” MOO says. “You’ll always have your story in your pocket.”

Monograms are made up of cards that are made from your photos, text, and links. To customize the portfolio, you can rearrange the cards and choose the colors that go into your design.


Once you’ve created your Monogram portfolio, it’s stored on your phone, allowing you to share it with anyone you’d like while you’re out and about without having to worry about being connected to the Web.

Monograms can also be shared over the Web — send your link to a prospective client, and they’ll see your Monogram as you intend it to look regardless of what device or browser they’re using.

You can download Monogram for free today for iOS from the iTunes App Store. No word yet on whether an Android version will ever be released.