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MOO’s New Cotton Business Card May Be Great for Photographers


MOO, the printer of high quality bespoke business cards, has just launched a new paper type that should get some photographers excited.

By ripping up old T-shirts and pressing them into paper, MOO is now offering cotton-based paper in its own take on traditional rag papers (“rag paper” is another name for “cotton paper,” which are often used as art paper due to the fact that it can last many years without deteriorating).

Take a look at services offering fine art photo printing, and you’ll likely find options for 100% cotton paper. And now the same material can be used for your photography business cards.

With a 298 gsm weight, the 100% cotton paper promises are high quality finish. The cotton is durable and long lasting, with great color representation from the printing process. Could this be the perfect business card for photographers?

The eco-friendly photographer has no need to worry, either: the cotton used is entirely from recycled T-shirts. There’s no habitat-destroying sources being exploited by MOO.

But the new cards are pricey: 50 cotton business cards will cost you $27 (about $0.54 each). Order 400 for $160, and your unit cost drops to $0.40. But if quality is important to you, then this could be the perfect choice.

More information about the new paper type is available on the MOO website.

(via MOO via The Phoblographer)