You Can Get 2GB of Free Google Storage Today


Deal alert: if you use Google’s services for your photos, emails, or life in general, you can snag an extra 2GB of permanent storage space for free today. All you need to do complete Google’s simple Security Checkup to verify that your account is secure — it takes just a few clicks of your mouse.

The promotion is being offered to celebrate Safer Internet Day. The same deal was offered last year, and this year’s 2GB can stack on top of that one!

Google’s Security Checkup asks you to verify certain details on your account to make sure their up to date. You’ll also be asked to review login details and the apps you’ve given permissions to. Once you click past those few review screens, you’ll get a message saying that you were given a permanent 2GB bump in storage that you can use for hosting large photos and videos, for storing more emails, and more.


The promotion ends tomorrow, on February 11th, 2016, so you’ll need to get a move on if you want to take advantage of the free space.

Security Checkup [via Google via Gizmodo]