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100 Photographers ‘Flash Mob’ a Couple’s First Dance


During a wedding reception back in September 2013, photographer Tammy Bryan and the couple decided to have a little fun with the guests by organizing a flash mob. Bryan is the organizer of the Greater Cincinnati Photographers Club, and she asked 100 of the group’s photographers to help brighten up the first dance… literally.

Everything was captured in the 5-minute video above. As the couple started their dance, a steady stream of photographers began to trickle in, with each one wearing a black “Event Photographer” shirt and carrying a camera and flash unit.


As the song wound down, the wall of photographers turned into a dazzling light show for the attendees. “Well, we pulled it off,” writes Bryan. But not everything went according to plan…

“My bride has a wardrobe malfunction at just the wrong time,” she says, “…with 100 photographers there to forever capture the moment!”

(via Tammy Bryan via Reddit)