This is Nikon D5 Image Quality at ISO 3,280,000


One of the exciting features of the new flagship Nikon D5 is the fact that it can shoot with a native ISO of up to 102,400 and an expanded ISO of 3,280,000. If you’re curious about what the D5’s ISO 3.28 million looks like in photos, we’ve got some images that’ll give you a small glimpse at the quality.


Nikon hasn’t officially released any high ISO sample photos captured with the D5. At CES 2016, however, Leon Ostrom of Randorn paid a visit to the D5 on the Nikon show space and tested the high ISO performance. He wasn’t able to save any test shots on a memory card, but he did shoot some photos of the LCD screen while reviewing the pictures.

ISO can be expanded from Hi-1 (the equivalent of ISO 204,800) to Hi-5 (the equivalent of ISO 3,280,000). Ostrom shot each photo of the same wall sign and then zoomed in to show the detail in one small portion of the shot:



So here’s a series of images that show how the image quality changes as you go to up ISO 3.28 million. Just keep in mind that these are crops of photos showing the back of an LCD that shows a crop of a photo.

ISO 204,800


ISO 409,600


ISO 819,200


ISO 1,638,400


ISO 3,280,000


Finally, here’s a zoomed-out view (again, still on the back of the camera) of ISO 409,600 compared to ISO 3,280,000:



So while these are some ridiculously low quality sample shots, they at least give an idea of what you can expect when shooting at extremely high ISOs with the D5.

Image credits: Photographs by Leon Ostrom/Randorn and used with permission