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The 48Hr Classic is an Expandable Leather Bag for the Urban Photographer



The 48Hr Classic is a new leather bag that’s attracting quite a bit of interest. It has an expandable design that makes it “the urban commuter’s ultimate travel, work, and photography bag.”

Creator Alex Buzaianu says his goal was to create a single bag that looks and works well for a number of different uses: the 48Hr Classic can be used/worn as a messenger bag, a backpack, or a briefcase.




“I found myself having to switch between one bag to another to another for primarily two reasons: size and design,” he says. “We set out to create a bag that would be by definition flexible, one that we could proudly take wherever you go.”

The main area of the bag can be expanded to 170% of its original size. It’s compact when you need to be mobile, or spacious when you need to carry more of your life with you.


There’s a special padded compartment for laptops, and on the front of the bag is a quick access pocket that lets you easily get to your camera gear.


The premium Italian leather look adds to the flexibility as well.

“More often than not, we found that it’s better to be more elegant than your surroundings than the opposite,” says Buzaianu. “For example going to a business meeting with your gym bag will look more out of place than heading to the gym with your business messenger bag. With this practical aspect in mind we created an elegant, stylish design that makes you feel comfortable wherever your day takes you.”


If the ability to expand isn’t important to you, the bag is also available as the 24Hr Classic bag, which weighs less because it lacks the expandable depth.

Buzaianu is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to launch his bag. Like with Peak Design’s Everyday Messenger, Buzaianu’s bag has smashed through its goals on the crowdfunding site: over $125,000 has been raised so far after an initial goal of $18K, and there is still a week left.

Take a look at the campaign if you’re interested in getting one of these bags for yourself. A 24Hr Classic costs about $240 and the 48Hr Classic is about $271 — assuming the business delivers on its Kickstarter promises.