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Struggles Only Photographers Will Understand


Here’s a humorous video by DigitalRev that pokes fun at some common struggles that photographers go through in their lives and in their minds. Sometimes it’s not easy being obsessed with photography.

Here are some of the struggles that are mentioned:

1. Office slave: Being stuck indoors when you could be out shooting.
2. Too much gear, too little money: Wanting new gear, but realizing you could take an international trip for the price.
3. Choices: Even if you have the money, choices can be overwhelming.
4. Inspired, then depressed: “I will never be that good… why am I taking photos?”
5. The best camera is the one you left at home
6. Can’t stop judging: Being critical of every photo you see
7. More about cameras than traveling

Which ones can you relate to? What are some of your biggest struggles as a photographer?