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Photographer Composites Photo-Happy Tourists into Unusual Panoramas


Every year, millions of tourists flock to Banff National Park in Canada to see and photograph the gorgeous landscapes. Photographer Meghan Krauss was fascinated by the crowds of tourists shooting selfies and other photos in these pristine locations, so in 2013, she began to shoot panoramic photos of those spots and then composite large numbers of tourists into a single frame.

After shooting the base panorama of each area, Krauss scans the scene with her camera, hunting for people doing interesting things with their cameras, whether it’s snapping a picture of themselves with a selfie stick or shooting a landscape shot with a tripod.

Krauss then carefully adds the tourists into her base image and tops it off with an image of herself shooting a selfie.

“The whole point of the project is I’m not saying that taking photographs and taking selfies is a bad thing. I’m part of the process — I’m doing the exact same thing,” she says. “It’s just to get people thinking about why they’re documenting the landscape and do they need 50 photos from one location.”

The title of each finished panorama indicates how many layers went into making the image. Here are 4 of the shots along with some closer crops showing the details (click each panorama to view it in its original resolution, and see if you can find Krauss):

“94 Tourists”

01_94 Tourists_Sulphur Mountain


“197 Tourists”

05_197 Tourists_Stookur Geysir


“186 Tourists”



“125 Tourists”

10_125_Tourists_Bow Falls


You can find more of Krauss’ work on her website.

Image credits: Photographs by Meghan Krauss and used with permission