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San Francisco Through the Lens of Travis Jensen


Here’s a 6-minute video by Green Label that focuses on the work of Travis Jensen, the San Francisco (and LA) based street photographer that we also featured back in February.

Jensen talks about seeking out the rougher places in SF that you won’t find on postcards or in tourist magazines.

“We make our way through the city starting at the iconic Ferry Building and continuing through the Tenderloin, The Mission and ending in the Excelsior District,” Green Label writes. “One of the city’s last true neighborhoods, the people of the Excelsior District are proud of their neighborhood and what it means to be a part of their community.”

Here are some of the photos Jensen captured during the filming of the video:

Green Label-2

Green Label-3

Green Label-4

Green Label-5

Green Label-6

Green Label-7

Green Label-9

Green Label-11

Green Label-12

Green Label-13

Green Label-14

Green Label-15

Green Label-16

Green Label-18

Green Label-20

Green Label-21

Green Label-23

Green Label-25

Green Label-26

“I started taking photos in Excelsior about four years ago, and it started out being a project of exploration,” Jensen tells Complex. “I always felt like that was the last real, true San Francisco neighborhood that was left…

“There’s nothing I love more than being out at Excelsior Park on a Sunday afternoon after shooting different parts of the city, and everybody just meets up there. It’s not planned; you never know what’s going to happen. It’s cool because everyone will be out there and have their kids.”

You can find more of Jensen’s work over on his website.

Image credits: Photographs by Travis Jensen and courtesy Complex