Parents Are Naming Babies After Instagram Filters


Instagram has been a big deal since it was launched in 2010. Here’s an indication of how influential the photo sharing app is: young parents are now naming their babies after Instagram’s photo filters.

That’s right. In a trend that’s being called “#Instagrambabies,” more and more parents are now giving their kids names like Lux, Valencia, Ludwig, and Reyes, BabyCenter says.

The website reports that “Lux” has jumped 75% as a baby boy name and is slightly up as a girl name as well. It’s not a filter, but Instagram chose “Lux” for the name of its one-tap photo enhancement feature.

For names that are used for Instagram filters, Ludwig is up 42%, Amaro is up 26%, Reyes is up 10%, Hudson is up 4%, and Kelvin is up 3%.

On the girl side, Juno — introduced by Instagram this year — has jumped 30%. Valencia is up 26%, and Willow is up 13%.

BabyCenter does note that not every Instagram filter name has seen a jump: Sierra, Walden, and Lark have all decreased in popularity as baby names. Other filters are pretty much non-existent as names, but don’t count them out as Instagram continues to grow.

“Don’t be surprised if you meet baby Mayfair, Sutro, Rise, or Brannan in 2016,” BabyCenter says.

(via BabyCenter via Engadget)