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Photographer’s Business Booms After Her Viral Act of Kindness



Selfless acts of kindness are sometimes rewarded in a big way, and that’s what photographer Dana Gruszynski has been learning lately.

Last month, we shared how Gruszynski came to the rescue when a wedding photographer didn’t show up at a couple’s wedding. Gruszynski, who heard about the story from her cousin at the wedding, surprised the couple with a free photo shoot that faithfully recreated the wedding. The story went viral, and now Gruszynski has been overloaded with inquiries.

Photographer Dana Gruszynski.
Photographer Dana Gruszynski.

In an interview with MLive, the Michigan-based photographer reveals that she was doing photography on the side while working full time as a receptionist and assistant at a chiropractor’s office.

After news of her kind act made headlines around the world, Gruszynski was flooded with messages from across the globe, praising her for her kind act and her photos. Of the 800+ emails that came in, about half of them were inquires about hiring Gruszynski for her photography, and most of those were for wedding photography — one was even for a wedding in 2018.


The bride burst into tears when she walked into the surprise wedding recreation photo shoot.
The bride burst into tears when she walked into the surprise wedding recreation photo shoot.

Gruszynski has now transitioned to working part time at her “main” job so that she can take on new photography clients and meet the crazy demand. In addition to weddings, Gruszynski is also passionate about baby photography. You can find a selection of her best work over on her website.



“I’m extremely humbled and thankful that my story has gotten out there,” the photographer tells MLive. “I hope it helps people be a little kinder to one another.”

Image credits: Photographs by Dana Gruszynski and used with permission