Photographer Finds $1,400 Lens for $7 at Thrift Store

One extremely lucky photographer recently experienced the find of a lifetime at his local Goodwill thrift store. While looking through the home entertainment section, he was shocked to find a $1,399 professional camera lens priced at just $6.99.

Copyright vs. Conscience: Lawyering Up Isn’t Always the Right Move

A few days ago, I awoke to a text message from a friend who lives halfway around the world telling me that he had unexpectedly seen one of my images on a FOX News story. The image was from a photoshoot that I had done of Richard “Old Man” Harrison from the television show Pawn Stars, which airs on the History Channel. However, after looking it up and seeing what photo he was talking about, I was surprised. The photo I was met with wasn’t even one I remembered taking.

Photographer’s Business Booms After Her Viral Act of Kindness

Selfless acts of kindness are sometimes rewarded in a big way, and that's what photographer Dana Gruszynski has been learning lately.

Last month, we shared how Gruszynski came to the rescue when a wedding photographer didn't show up at a couple's wedding. Gruszynski, who heard about the story from her cousin at the wedding, surprised the couple with a free photo shoot that faithfully recreated the wedding. The story went viral, and now Gruszynski has been overloaded with inquiries.