Shooting the ‘World’s Hottest Kiss’ with Pouring Rain and Flowing Lava

A few years ago, husband and wife photographers Ed and Dallas Nagata White captured the Internet’s imagination with a spectacular photo of a passionate kiss in the midst of pouring rain and flowing lava.

Seeker Stories recently caught up with the photographers to learn more about the story behind the shot. The 2.5-minute video above is a behind-the-scenes look at how the viral photo came to be.


The photo actually wasn’t what the couple set out to take. They abandoned the original shot they had planned because it started to rain once they got to the destination. Since they had everything on hand already, they decided to try some portraits with a wireless flash placed behind the subjects.


When the Whites got into the frame, Ed spontaneously dipped Dallas for a kiss, the strobe fired, and the “Lava Kiss” photo emerged.

Dallas was actually holding a camera in her right hand. It’s hidden in the silhouette when looking at the photo as a whole, but you can see it when you zoom into the figures:


You can find more of Dallas’ beautiful travel photography on her Instagram account, @dallasnagata.

Image credits: Photographs by Dallas Nagata White and used with permission