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This Gorgeous Film Shows Photographers In Front of a Rising Supermoon


This past weekend, the day before the supermoon lunar eclipse, photographer Mark Gee decided to take advantage of the extra large moon his own way. Gee recruited a bunch of local photographers from Wellington, New Zealand, and had them photograph the moon from a hill while Gee filmed the moonrise in the background.

What resulted was the 2-minute short film above, titled “Photographers Moonrise,” which shows photographers being dwarfed by an enormous supermoon rising into the sky.


Gee says the whole thing was captured in one take, and that he directed his subjects using a 2-way radio from 1.5 kilometers away (~.93 miles). Gear-wise, he was using a Canon 7D (with its 1.6 crop factor), a 600mm lens, and a 1.4x extender, so the equivalent focal length was 1344mm.

“After a few nervous moments leading up to the moonrise, everything fell into place, and all went perfectly to plan,” Gee writes.

Back in 2013, Gee gained Internet-wide attention for a similar video titled “Full Moon Silhouettes.” If you’re interested in learning how to shoot this type of shot yourself, check out this walkthrough article Gee wrote.