Shooting a Milky Way Moonrise from an Airplane Seat

A couple of weeks ago I was blessed with a sight that truly left me in a state of awe. Shortly after leveling off onboard United 534 from Honolulu to Los Angeles, I tried my luck with some astrophotography over the crisp Pacific Ocean skies.

Shooting and Editing Multiple Night Exposures: Moonrise Over Car Trails

My name is Connar L’Ecuyer, and I’m a landscape photographer based in Southern California. A little while ago, I was driving on the highway at night and there is a section where the highway goes up some mountains. The moon was just rising over the highway. I thought to myself “That’s pretty awesome -- I want to get a shot of that!”, and a few weeks later I was able to shoot it!

How to Plan and Capture a Perfectly Aligned Moonrise Photo

Photographing the moon can be spectacular—a rising full moon looks very big and is often red. And combining a spectacular moonrise shot with landscapes or objects in close-up can give really great results.

This Gorgeous Film Shows Photographers In Front of a Rising Supermoon

This past weekend, the day before the supermoon lunar eclipse, photographer Mark Gee decided to take advantage of the extra large moon his own way. Gee recruited a bunch of local photographers from Wellington, New Zealand, and had them photograph the moon from a hill while Gee filmed the moonrise in the background.

What resulted was the 2-minute short film above, titled "Photographers Moonrise," which shows photographers being dwarfed by an enormous supermoon rising into the sky.

This ‘Moon Trail’ Was Shot with a 37-Minute Exposure

You've probably seen star trail photos before, but how about a "moon trail?" A Finnish photographer named Janne shot this beautiful photo earlier this week as the rising moon streaked across the sky. Janne was shooting with a Nikon D800 and 100-300mm lens at 300mm, f/8, and ISO 100. The trick behind the shot was a 10-stop neutral density filter, which greatly cut down the amount of light hitting the sensor and allowed Janne to shoot a 2258-second exposure -- that's a whopping 37.6 minutes!

Beautiful Time-Slice and Time-Lapse of the Full Moon Rising Over Los Angeles

Here's a little bit of photographic inspiration for those of you not currently glued to your television sets watching the World Cup. Last month, LA-based photographer Dan Marker-Moore went out for the second year running in search of the perfect vantage point from which to shoot the full moon rising over the skyline of LA.

This ‘ET’-Inspired Photo of Biker Rising In Front of the Moon Was Not ‘Shopped

Earlier this year, Swiss photographer Philipp Schmidli attracted a good deal of attention for a series of photos showing the silhouette of a biker in front of a gigantic moonrise.

The photographer received many comments about how the photos resembled the cover of the movie ET. Although that was never Schmidli's intention, he decided to follow up the original series with an actual ET-inspired shoot!