These Are the Most Instagrammed Locations in Each US State


Want to know the most popular photo spot among Instagrammers in each state in the US? The travel Busbud recently decided to do some serious digging to find out. The map above shows the findings. The markers show where the most popular spot is found, and the state is color coded by location type.

The researchers searched Instagram using the names of popular tourist destinations, as listed by TripAdvisor. The locations in each state that produced the most hashtags were chosen as the winners for that state.

The most common type among the 50 hot spots was found to be parks and geographic landmarks. Second most? Wineries. Here’s a breakdown by type:


If you want to know exactly what the most popular location is for each state, this comprehensive chart can serve as a bucket list of places to visit and photograph:


As a side note, these are the exact locations that the “Camera Restricta” concept camera would prevent you from photographing.

(via Busbud via Lifehacker)