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How to Make a Camera Wrist Strap Out of Paracord


Back in 2011, we shared a simple tutorial on how you can create a sturdy camera strap using about $7 worth of paracord. Hamburg, Germany-based photographer Bo Ismono recently published the 3-minute video tutorial above on how you can use paracord to make a cheap, simple, and durable wrist strap.

Ingredients-wise, you’ll need a carabiner, some paracord (1 foot for every inch of camera strap), a small keyring, a lighter, a measuring tape, and a pair of sharp scissors.


The result is a super rugged strap that’ll keep your camera safely dangling from your wrist as you’re out shooting.


Watch the video above for a step-by-step look at how you can make one for yourself.

You can find Ismono’s photos and videos on his website and YouTube channel.

(via Bo Ismono via Reddit)