Clever $15 DIY Gear Hack Straps All Your Stray Light Stands Together for Easy Carrying

When it comes to carrying light stands, it’s usually best to use a dedicated case so they don’t get damaged and carrying them is less of a hassle. But there are times when a case isn’t a viable option. This usually leaves you struggling to carry them all at once or making multiple trips to the car just to get your light stands.

Thankfully, Dave Bode from Tuts Plus has come up with a cheap and clever gear-hack that makes carrying several mismatched light stands a lot less awkward.

After trying a number of options, from bungee cords to paracord, Bode eventually stumbled across the solution in his local hardware store. What he came across is 2-inch nylon webbing and accompanying fasteners that help to lock the strap(s) in place.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 11.38.29 AM

The 2-inch nylon straps are similar in both size and structure to what seatbelt are made out of, albeit not as heavy-duty. And at less than one dollar per foot, the straps are about as cheap as can be.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 11.38.43 AM

The second component is the heavy-duty snapping fasteners, which are also 2 inches in size and connect to the nylon straps through a fairly standard loop interface.

Each of the fasteners cost Bode roughly $2.50, leaving these the most expensive part of the project. However, we found a pack of ten on Amazon for $12, bringing the individual cost down to only $1.10/piece.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 11.39.05 AM

Once you’ve obtained the required components and have built your custom straps, you’re good to go. Simply wrap them around your collection of light stands, fasten them, tighten them and you’re set to go.

Bode says his setup cost him roughly $14, but if you don’t need as much cord or can find cheaper fasteners, you could probably get yours down to $10 or so. Give the six-minute video a watch up top to see how it’s done.

Easy Gear Hack: Fasten Stands Together for Quick Transport [Tuts Plus]