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miggo is the World’s First Camera Strap That Doubles as a Padded Case



miggo is an innovative new camera accessory that can serve two purposes. It can be used as a padded strap, but when you’re done shooting, the strap can be transformed into a protective case for your precious camera.

The product comes in two sizes, DSLR and mirrorless, and in two forms, the Strap & Wrap and the Grip & Wrap. Here’s an introduction video:

The Strap & Wrap is a larger strap that’s designed to fit comfortably around your neck and/or torso when it’s unzipped in strap form. When you’re done shooting and would like to put your camera away, you simply wrap the miggo around your camera while it’s still attached. The camera can then safely be transported without fear of scratches or bumps.




If you want a wrist strap instead, you can get the Grip & Wrap. It’s essentially the same thing, except with a smaller strap that loops around your wrist.


miggo straps are all made from Neoprene and Lycra for a combination of comfort and durability. The thickness of the straps help distribute weight across your body when you’re carrying your camera.

The straps connect to your camera via a nickel-coated screw that plugs into your standard 1/4″-20 tripod socket. The strap itself has a socket, so you can use things like tripods and monopods with the strap still attached.

The strap also contains a safety cord as an extra layer of security, and a inner pocket that’s designed to carry your lens cap when it’s not attached to your lens.


You can purchase a miggo strap through many online retailers. The Strap & Wrap costs $50 while the Grip & Wrap has a price tag of $40.