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Primer: How to Get a ‘Film Look’ with DSLR Footage


Want to give your DSLR footage a cinematic look? DSLR filmmaking enthusiast Jake Coppinger made this 11-minute video tutorial to teach you how you can do so.

To make your video look like something you’d see on the silver screen in a movie theater, there are a number of simple things you can do in-camera and in-post. Here are some of the pointers Coppinger covers in the video:

Frame Rate

Using a frame rate of 24fps or 25fps, since that’s what’s traditionally used in theaters.

Shutter Speed

Set your shutter speed at double the frame rate (the “180-degree shutter rule”).

Picture Style

Use a neutral picture style to have more flexibility in post-production.


Color Grading

Use color grading to convey the mood of your footage visually.


RGB Curves

A popular cinematic look is to have darker darks and brighter highlights.


Three Way Color Corrector

One trick is to make your shadows bluer and to warm up your shadows.


Aspect Ratio

Use the 2.35:1 ultra widescreen aspect ratio that movies use.


You can find some of Coppinger’s films over on his website. You can also view more of his videos by visiting and subscribing to his YouTube channel.

Image credits: Video and still frames by Jake Coppinger