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This Sunpak Flash at Walmart Boasts a ’92-Foot High Guide Number’



Did you know that Walmart.com offers an extensive catalog of photography gear? You can buy everything from cameras and lenses to flash units and lighting equipment. Some of the listings are a bit unusual, though. Case in point: check out the product page for the $60 Sunpak DF3000 flash.

Here’s what the page says under the “About this item” section:

The DF3000 digital flash is designed to fit Canon DSLR cameras, giving you unmatched flexibility in your photography adventures. A 92-foot high guide number allows you to shoot at a great distance. Auto focus assist makes it easier to shoot in low light, and you can set manual zoom to 18mm, 35mm, 55mm or 70mm. The swiveling bounce head gives you 90 vertical range, 180 horizontal range left, and 120 horizontal range right. Complete TTL compatibility makes it easy to dial in exactly the right flash level. Take your shooting to the next level with the DF3000.

Just to clarify, the guide number isn’t “92-feet high.” A look at B&H’s page for the same product shows what Walmart was trying to say: the flash has a “High guide number of 92′.”