Palette Launches to Shake Up Your Photo Editing with Modular Controls


After raising $158,470 through Kickstarter two years ago, Palette today launched its modular control interface to help photographers take their photo editing workflow to the next level.


In case you haven’t heard of it yet, Palette is a modular system of magnetically connected sliders, dials, and buttons that help photographers (and other creatives) do their work through precise physical touch rather than with on-screen digital controls.



With Palette, you’ll be able to make adjustments to your photos in programs like Lightroom by simply moving physical sliders, pushing buttons, and turning dials.



Since Palette is modular, each photographer will be able to customize their control layout and functionality to suit their specific needs.


On the software side of things, Palette is collaborating with software makers to create deep integrations between Palette controls and the programs creatives use.

For example, when combined with Lightroom, Palette lets you control any Develop module sliders, work with different tools and features, toggle presets, adjust crop angle, manage images in your library, and more.



Here’s a short video in which fashion photographer Ted Belton talks about how he integrated Palette into his workflow:


You can now preorder Palette through the company’s online store. Pricing starts at $199 for the Aluminum Starter Kit (5 modules) to $899 for a limited edition Wood Professional Kit (15 modules). Individual modules can also be purchased separately. The first Palette orders will start shipping in November 2015.