Cameras of the Future Will Be Able to Identify Things They See


One of the emerging trends in the world of photography is the idea of automated recognition and tagging of things found in photographs. Flickr can now suggest autotags for your photos, and Google’s new Photos service lets you search through your unlabeled photos using advanced image recognition.

The same technologies are coming for real-time camera features as well. Qualcomm is working on a system called SceneDetect that lets cameras recognize what they’re looking at in real time.

Here’s a short demo video showing how quickly Qualcomm’s system can identify objects in scenes and generate accurate tags/keywords:

“Our idea is to make devices ‘smarter’ by allowing them to process sensory data and match patterns in data in a similar way to how biological brains process things like images or sounds and respond to changes in that data,” Qualcomm writes.

SceneDetect runs purely on the device (rather than connecting to some service on the Web) and can learn to identify objects better as it’s shown more and more photographs. You can expect to see this type of technology appearing in mobile devices — and perhaps digital cameras — in the coming years.

(via Image Sensors World)