Ultimate Cheat Sheets for Photoshop and Lightroom


Want an ultimate single-page cheat sheet for looking up keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC? The design team over at setupablogtoday have created just that: massive sheets that you can study and explore to your hearts content.

The Photoshop Cheat Sheet

First up is an impressive Photoshop cheat sheet that displays shortcuts both on a 2D keyboard and in chart form:


You can find a high-resolution version of the image online here, or you can download a PDF of it through this link or via this embed:

The Lightroom Cheat Sheet

If you thought that Photoshop one was impressive, check out the ridiculously comprehensive cheat sheet they made for Lightroom:


You can view it online here, or download the PDF here or through this embed:

Finally, if you’re interested, there’s also a single infographic that serves as a one-stop cheat sheet for all of the major Creative Cloud apps.

(via Digital Photo Buzz via Reddit)