This is a Giant Fujinon XA55 Broadcast Lens on a Tiny Panasonic GH4


What do you get if you mount a giant $60,000 broadcast lens to a tiny mirrorless camera? That’s what YouTube user SirJonnyCargo recently set out to find out. He used a Fotodiox lens adapter to mount his Panasonic GH4 onto a Fujinon XA55 lens. The results were actually very impressive.

Here’s the video he posted showing what he did and some sample footage shot using the strange camera kit:

The lens is a 9.5-525mm f/1.7 lens, but with a 2x extender and the 2.3X crop factor of the GH4, it’s the equivalent of a 44-2415mm lens in 35mm terms. That means it can go from this on the wide end:


To this when zoomed in:


This camera and lens combo “worked surprisingly well,” SirJonnyCargo says. Now if we could only find that $60,000 we misplaced…

(via SirJonnyCargo via 43 Rumors)

Image credits: Video and still frames by SirJonnyCargo