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Olympus Built a 3D Stacked Image Sensor That Can Shoot 10000FPS



Olympus researchers have created an innovative new “3D stacked” CMOS image sensor that has both global-shutter and high-speed capturing modes. It is able to capture photos at up to 10000 frames per second.

The development will published in a paper and presented at the upcoming 2015 Symposia on VLSI Technology & Circuits (a conference on semiconductors and circuits) in Japan in June 2015.

Olympus will share their new 16-megapixel sensor that can either shoot 16MP photos with a global shutter (i.e. the entire frame is captured at once instead of line by line as with rolling shutters) or 2MP photos at a whopping 10000fps.

Not too much has been said about the potential for seeing this sensor in future consumer cameras, but Olympus did release a series of 4 sample photos of a spinning fan. The speed of this new sensor can be seen in how little the fan’s blades move across 8 exposures by the camera.

(via VLSI via Image Sensors World)