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Watch This Bizarre ‘Everything is Awesome’ Parody by Gannett Executives


America’s largest newspaper publisher has laid off a large number of employees in recent days, but things appear to be quite rosy at the top. An internal team-building video has surfaced that’s raising quite a few eyebrows: it’s a parody of the LEGO Movie song “Everything is Awesome,” featuring company CEO Gracia Martore as the band leader.

Jim Romenesko got his hands on the clip, which you can watch above.


Mike, the reader who sent in this tip, writes: “As a former photojournalist myself, I love how they have money to produce bizarre videos like this as they cut staff.”

Here’s what people are saying about the video on Twitter:

People have even begun posting parody videos of the parody:

So, unfortunately for Gannett, it seems like this idea backfired…