GoPro Captures Its Fall from 10,000 Feet, Found Four Years Later and Returned

An interesting camera story developed over in Sweden this past week. A man named Kristoffer Örstadius reported online that his father had found a GoPro lying in a field outside of Kristianstad, Sweden. The memory card on the camera was intact, but the last video on it was surprising: it showed that the camera had taken an unexpected journey from 10,000 feet above ground four years earlier.

Örstadius posted the video to YouTube a couple of days ago to search for the owner, and it quickly amassed tens of thousands of views.


“Are you the right skydiver?” the video’s description says in Swedish. “Please let me know so we can return the camera and memory card.”

The owner was found yesterday, just one day after the video was shared — it was a skydiver based in the city of Everöd, Sweden. This tough little camera finally made it home.