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GoPro Survives 17 Months Bouncing Around a Riverbed After Filming Its Final Moments


GoPros exist to take quite a beating… they are action cams after all. However, as much as GoPro might put its products through the wringer to test them and ensure they’re up for anything, it’s unlikely they expect one to survive what the one in the above video did.

The functioning camera managed to survive in a riverbed for 17 months! And not only did it survive, the footage of the camera’s final moments was still safe and sound on the memory card inside.

The camera was found by YouTuber Beau Ouimette, who spends much of his free time digging up goodies from the bottom of creeks and rivers.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 1.43.03 PM

Unfortunately, we don’t catch a glimpse of anyone who might have been wearing the camera or with the owner of the camera; what was shared were the final moments of the the camera’s life before it stayed still and ran out of battery power.

As for how Ouimette knew when the camera was lost, the datestamp on the video file confirmed its age, showing that even after falling off a rafters head and spending 17 months bouncing around a riverbed, the little GoPro that could kept chugging along.