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Inklet Lets You Use the New Macbook Touchpad as a Pen Tablet for Editing



Apple’s new Macbook features a redesigned pressure-sensitive trackpad called the Force Touch. In addition to being more powerful for inputs from your fingers, the new design allows for the use of a stylus on the touchpad if you’d like to retouch your photographs tablet-style.

Inklet by Ten One Design is the first 3rd party application for Mac that offers this.


The app runs in the background while you’re using compatible programs such as Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and Lightroom (it’ll work with any app that accepts pen input). A portion of your screen will be highlighted in a box, indicating the workspace into which you can draw. For high-level or fine detail work, you can adjust the workspace by moving or resizing it.

Moving your pen around lightly on the trackpad lets you move your cursor around without inking. Increasing pressure begins the drawing process, and applying heavier pressure will cause the virtual pen to create a thicker stroke.

The app also includes fancy palm rejection technology that prevents your palm from making unwanted trackpad touches while it’s resting against the surface. This lets you draw with your hand resting naturally against your Macbook.

Here’s a demo video showing how the Inklet system works:

You can purchase and download Inklet for $25 from the company’s website, or $35 if you’d also like to receive a Pogo pen bundled with the software.

Inklet Trackpad Tablet [Ten One Design via Fstoppers]