Here’s an 80x Super-Telephoto Lens for Smartphones


We recently shared an impressive demo of the 65x optical zoom lens on the Canon SX60. If you’re a smartphone shooter who wants the same reach without having to buy a new camera, check out this ridiculous 80x lens for smartphones.

The lens is 395mm (~15.55in) long, giving you a 35mm equivalent focal length of about 2500mm to 3000mm depending on which smartphone you’re using. Brando, which sells the lens, claims that it lets you capture clear shots of people’s faces from 100 meters (~328 feet) away.


Suggested uses include concerts, travel, animal observations, and geographical prospecting.

It’s available for a number of Samsung Galaxy and iPhone models, and comes with the lens, a tripod stand and mounting ring, a back case for your phone that helps you mount the lens, and a velvet carrying case.


The lens costs $220 and can be purchase over at Brando’s online store. You can also find it for sale on Amazon.

(H/T Imaging Resource)