A Handmade Wooden Leica Rangefinder Complete with Two Interchangeable Lenses


Check out this handmade Leica rangefinder replica crafted out of wood. It has quite a bit of detail, a viewfinder you can look through, an iconic red dot, and two wooden lenses that you can actually swap on and off the lens mount.



The camera is offered by Foto Henny Hoogeveen, a camera store in the Dutch city of Lisse that specializes in Leica, Rollei, Voightlander, and Zeiss gear. The shop writes:

For the Leica photographer who has everything, this handmade Wooden camera comes complete with two interchangeable lenses. Bearing the Leica “Red Dot” logo and made from hard wearing beechwood this unique “camera” is the perfect collectable item for the Leica photographer. Camera body has built in viewfinder, mode dial, shutter release and neck strap lugs on the sides.

No word yet on other specs, pricing or availability.

(via Foto Henny Hoogeveen via Leica Rumors)

Update: A commenter named Benjamin says that this actually a wooden toy that’s for sale at Leica stores in Europe. He writes:

I just bought this for EUR 60 [~$67] at a Leica store in Europe. I will give it to my kid. This is a toy (not a collectible) and the price is very much in line with other European made wooden toys that use high quality material and no chemicals (i.e. buy a wooden train, pay the same price).

The quality and finishing is quite nice. The lenses are mounted using magnets, you can use the “optical viewfinder” and the shutter button is spring loaded – can be operated.


You can find the product page here on the Leica Shop website.