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POP BOOK: Fujifilm UK Launches Cheap and Easy-to-Make Photo Books for Smartphone Pics



Services such as Mosaic already let you make photo books in 5 minutes for $25, but if that’s still too taxing on your time and rich for your blood, Fujifilm UK has a new service for you. Called POP BOOK, it’s designed to help you make small, casual photo books in a few taps for just £5.

No, your book and your photos may not have build or print quality offered by pricier services, but that’s not the point. Fujifilm wants to make it easy and affordable for anyone to enjoy and save their smartphone snaps in book form.

Each POP BOOK features 21 photos and is created through the free iOS app — the Android is coming soon — using photos from your device or from Facebook or Instagram.

The creation process is streamlined: simply select your photos, make some adjustments to them if desired (e.g. cropping, border, filter, text), choose the order you want, and place your order. You can choose between two sizes (10x10cm and 13x13cm) and two finishes (matte or glossy).


The £5 (~$7.7) it costs to order each book includes delivery to your door in 5-7 working days.

Printing out photos has become a big topic of discussion in recent days as Internet leaders warn of the risks of losing precious digital data. It’ll be interesting to see if more people start taking advantages of services such as Mosaic and POP BOOK as efficient ways to archive their smartphone snapshots.

No word yet on if or when this service might be launched in the US and other countries of the world.

(via PMA Newsline)