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Beehive Picture Hangers May Revolutionize the Way We Hang Frames on Walls



Hanging a picture frame up on a wall often isn’t the simplest of tasks, at least if you’re a perfectionist, but a new product has arrived to change that. Called the Beehive Picture Hanger, it’s a new hanging system that makes hanging a frame perfectly a breeze and something that only takes a few moments without any measurements.


Created by inventor Herb Bigelow and photographer Matt Bigelow of St. John, Indiana, the product comes in the form of a honeycomb metal attachment for your frames and a Support Pin for your wall.

To install, simply attach the Beehive Hangers to your frame:


Then press the frame into the wall where you’d like to mount it. Little metal points on the hangers will leave a small indentation where the pins need to go:


Hammer the pins into the wall where the indentations are:


Then, simply slide the hangers onto the support pins. If it’s not positioned the way you want, simply slide the pin into a different hole in the hanger to make adjustments in a matter of seconds:


Here’s a view of what the mounting system looks like through a transparent frame:


It’s a system that lets you hang perfectly straight frames in a short amount of time with no measurements and no mess-ups.

There will be two different hanger options available. The Max variant has 143 holes in each hanger, providing much more flexibility for adjustments after you’ve pounded in your support pins, while the Original hanger has 68 hexagonal positions.

The support pins are designed to hang up to 30 pounds on standard drywall alone, and you don’t have to worry about drywall anchors or locating wall studs.

Here’s a 7-minute video in which the Bigelows introduce the Beehive system:

The duo is currently raising funds to launch the Beehive in a Kickstarter campaign, where a $5 contribution will preorder a Max hanger that lets you hang up one frame. As long as the campaign is successful, the target launch date for the Beehive is July 2015.

Beehive Picture Hangers [Kickstarter via SLR Lounge]

Update on 1/20/2016: You can find the Beehive Picture Hangar on its official website.