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New Doom Mod Adds a Selfie Stick and 37 Instagram Filters to the Classic Game



It’s becoming trendy to offer selfies as a feature in video games now. Just weeks after World of Warcraft added self-portraits through a new patch, the classic first-person-shooter Doom is getting the same treatment — albeit unofficially.

There’s a new mod for the game called “InstaDoom” that adds a selfie stick and 37 Instagram filters to the game, opening the door to some strange in-game photo ops.


The mod, created by a modder named Linguica, swaps the chainsaw and BFG weapons in the game for a selfie stick with a representation of your character on the other end.


With a filter (e.g. Valencia, Ashby, Lo-Fi, Mayfair, Rise, Inkwell, and more) applied to your view, all it takes is a quick screenshot to save an in-game selfie with the monsters you encounter.


The mod is available as a free download over at Doom World.

(via Doom World via GameSpot)