Darkroom: A New iOS Photo Editor with DIY Filters, Curves, and Infinite History


Darkroom is a new photo editor for iPhones that just launched today. The app offers a number of powerful features for editing photos on iOS, including do-it-yourself photo filters, a curves tool, and an infinite history with all your edits.

Created by Majd Taby and Matt Brown of a small startup called Bergen Co., Darkroom is designed to offer photo enthusiasts a more personalized way of editing their photos that goes beyond simple photo filters.

“Our insight was that mobile filters were developed using desktop tools,” Taby writes. “What if the same tools existed on a mobile app?”

Darkroom is the answer they came up with. The duo has stuffed tools for making filters into an app, allowing users to create the perfect filters for their own photos and needs. Each static filter in the app is a “jumping off point” for editing rather than a final destination.


Taby calls Darkroom “the fastest, most powerful photo editing app on iOS.” One “fast” feature is the elimination of photo importing. Rather than have a multi-tap import system, all your photos are accessible right away.


There’s also a powerful Curves tool that “gives you raw access to RGB channels” in your photos, putting more precise tweaking at your fingertips.


Finally, an infinite history feature remembers every edit you do on an image. You can undo back to any moment in your edit history, or instantly reset your image to the beginning if you’d like to start over.


Darkroom is now available as a free download through the iTunes App Store. The Curves feature is available as a $3 add-on.