The Nikon D750 Filmmakers Kit is a DSLR Bundle for Getting Started in Cinema


Nikon has unveiled a new DSLR kit that’s specifically geared toward people who want to get into DSLR filmmaking. Called the Nikon D750 Filmmakers Kit, the bundle includes a DSLR, three lenses, and additional accessories that are helpful for video productions.

The kit comes in a gray case with the contents neatly arranged in dedicated compartments.



It contains a D750, 35mm/50mm/85mm f/1.8 prime lenses, two Lithium-ion batteries, a stereo microphone, an HDMI cable, and a Ninja 2 video recorder.


If you were to purchase each of this components separately, it would cost you around $4,800. Bundled together, this kit has a price tag of $3,997, an $800 savings, and will start shipping in late February 2015.