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Brevitē is a Simple New Camera Backpack that Draws Admiration but Not Unwanted Attention



There’s a new camera bag on the horizon that may be worth keeping your eye on: it’s called the Brevitē, and it’s a simple backpack that packs the features photographers need into a simple and elegant classic backpack design.

The bag was created by Brandon, Elliot, and Dylan Kim, three brothers from Boston who are currently studying at three different universities. The trio came up with the idea for the bag after failing to find a suitable bag that was perfect for both camera gear and everyday use.


“The Brevitē Camera Backpack not only looks great, but also allows for the wearer to not look like they are carrying thousands of dollars of photography gear,” the Kims tell us.

Upon first glance, the Brevitē may look like a beautifully designed ordinary backpack with a nylon and synthetic leather exterior. Look a little closer, and the camera-related features emerge.

The weight-bearing straps are all extra padded so that the backpack remains comfortable to wear for long periods of time. On the left strap is a lens cap buckle that holds onto your lens cap when it’s not protecting your glass. On the right strap is a loop for your sunglasses when they’re not protecting your eyes.


Straps and pockets on the bottom and side of the Brevitē are designed to hold a tripod, sleeping bag, and/or water bottle.


A custom padded insert is what turns the Brevitē into a camera backpack. The space features arrangeable dividers that create compartments for your gear.



There are special spaces for memory cards and a laptop as well. Zippers in different places allow you to quickly access the gear from the top, back, and side of the bag.


The Kims are currently raising funds to launch the Brevitē through a Kickstarter campaign that has already raised over $5500 in less than two days. A pledge of $135 and up will allow early birds to snag a Brevitē when it ships in July 2015. The bag will have a retail price tag of $180 when it hits store shelves.

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