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LensRacks is a Modular Storage System for Camera Gear Hoarders



LensRacks is to gear hoarders what wine racks are to wine aficionados. It’s a new storage system that helps you keep all your camera lenses and accessories organized in one place and easy to access.

Developed by a photography-lovin’ group of mechanical engineers over in Vancouver, Canada, the patent-pending modular system is designed to help photographers who own a lot of gear “store and organize their precious investments with style.”



It comes in the form of an anodized aluminum rail onto which you can slide lens, flash, and camera mounts. Multiple rails can also be combined into a grid, allowing you to expand your storage solution as your gear inventory grows.



Since empty mounts are always exposed and ready for your equipment, swapping lenses onto and off of your camera can quickly be done with one hand.


The strength and stability of the system allows you to store your lenses in creative ways if you choose (though upside-down probably isn’t the safest orientation).


A basic LensRacks kit comes with one rail, four lens holders, one flash holder, one camera adapter, and one rail stand, and it costs around $25. Pay $90, and you can choose up to 3 rails, 18 holders, and any of the rail stands. Right now the system is available for Canon and Nikon shooters:


The LensRacks team is currently raising funds for launching their project over on Kickstarter, where your contribution can preorder you one of these first kits.