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Adorable Photos of a Little Trio’s Daily Nap Time



In Jessica Shyba‘s home, nap time is a sacred ritual. At the same time every day, her son Beau, baby Evangeline, and dog Theo take a cuddly nap together in her room. And while nap time is underway, Shyba will often take the opportunity to capture a heartwarming photograph of the little trio cuddling together in bed.

Shyba first began this project a couple of years ago when Beau was a toddler and Theo was a puppy. The images soon went viral online, attracting millions of views and hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers for Shyba. Next month the images will be published in a photo book titled “Naptime with Theo and Beau.”

In September 2014, Shyba’s daughter Evangeline was born. The baby has since joined in on the naps, adding a whole new degree of cuteness to Shyba’s snapshots:









Shyba tells the Huffington Post that the little baby is “still a little confused by Theo, but she seems to find his kisses and attention to be affectionate.” On her blog, Shyba writes that Beau, Evangeline, and Theo form “a naptime trifecta”:

[…] of the three of them, [Beau] looks forward to and expects his naps the most every day. I suppose I would too if I had a sweet, loving and cuddly furball napping companion like Beau does. Lately, instead of me announcing that it’s time for “nite-nite”, Theo will already be waiting for Beau in our room at nap time, something that we both find endlessly hilarious and adorable.

She says she’s trying to enjoy these beautiful moments for as long as they last: “I’m trying not to get my hopes up that this magical nap time trifecta is a habit that will last, but each day this happens — with or without Evvie — I’m ever in awe at their sweet slumber.”

You can follow along with this photo series through Shyba’s Instagram and website.

Image credits: Photographs by Jessica Shyba and used with permission