The Most Popular Cameras on Flickr in 2014


What are the most popular cameras used in the Flickr community? Now that 2014 is in the past, the photo sharing service has done some serious crunching on EXIF data to figure out which cameras were the most popular among its users over the course of the year. Here’s a look into the findings.

Top Camera Brand: Canon (13.4%)


Runner ups: Apple (9.6%), Nikon (9.3%), Samsung (5.6%), Sony (4.2%)

Canon is still the top dog when it comes to camera brands being used by Flickr users. It’s share actually increased from 13% the year before. Apple has also surpassed Nikon and Samsung has surpassed Sony when compared to 2013 rankings.

Top DSLR: Canon 7D (2.4%)


Runner ups: Nikon D7000 (2.4%), Canon 60D (2.3%), Canon 5D Mark III (2.2%), Nikon D3100 (2.0%)

The Canon 7D is the most popular DSLR on Flickr. When compared with 2013 rankings, the Nikon D90 has fallen out of the top 5 and has been replaced by the Canon 5D Mark III.

Top Mirrorless Camera: Olympus E-M5 (4.7%)


Runner ups: Sony A7 (3.0%), Sony NEX-6 (2.9%), Fujifilm X-E1 (2.7%), Sony NEX-5N (2.4%)

Olympus, Sony, and Fujifilm dominate the top mirrorless cameras in roughly the same order that they did back in 2013.

Top Smartphone: Apple iPhone 5 (10.6%)


Runner ups: iPhone 4S (7.0%), iPhone 4 (4.3%), iPhone 5c (2.0%), Samsung Galaxy S3 (1.2%)

The Samsung Galaxy S3 replaced the original iPhone in the ranking of top 5 smartphones. It is currently the only non-Apple smartphone in the top 5.

Here’s a chart with the full rankings from 2013 and 2014, in case you’d like to take a look at the full lists.

Update: A reader points out that the Canon T3i/600D is actually counted as two different cameras by Flickr, when in fact they are the same camera under different names when sold in different countries.