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Donate a Photo Turns Your Picture Uploads Into Cash Donations to Charities



There’s a new way to make a difference in the world with photos. Donate a Photo is a new app by Johnson & Johnson that lets you give to charities by donating photos. For every picture you upload through the app, the company gives $1 towards a cause you’d like to support.

The program’s website has a page for browsing through the available causes, which include everything from providing clean water in third world countries to giving a blanket to babies in intensive care units.


Using the app, donors can contribute one photo per day, every day. You’ll also be able to track the causes you’re donating to as they try to meet their goals.

Donated photos will “never be used to sell any products” or for “any other commercial purposes,” says the website. They will simply become part of the Donate a Photo gallery of images, and may be used to further promote the program.

You can begin participating by downloading the Donate a Photo app from the Apple App Store or through Google Play.

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