Heavenly Photographs of Dubai Skyscrapers Poking Through a Sea of Clouds

Sunrise On Cloud City 1024px

The city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is known for its impressive skyline, which features the world’s tallest building. Every so often, the city will become blanketed with a thick layer of fog that opens the door to beautiful photos of skyscrapers rising above clouds.

Daniel Cheong is one photographer who’s always on the lookout for this particular photo opportunity. Over the years, he has built up an impressive collection of shots showing skyscrapers poking through Dubai fog.

Cheong tells us that he was born in the island nation of Mauritius, is Chinese by descent, and is French by nationality. Since starting out in photography 7 years ago, he has settled on cityscapes as one of his main photographic interests.

Shooting fog in Dubai can be tricky. First, you’ll need access to high vantage points. Cheong shoots all of his “aerial” fog photos from four high spots: the 85th floor of the Princess Tower, the 76th floor of Cayan Tower, the 76th floor of the Burj Khalifa, and the 79th floor of Index Tower.

Fog usually happens during seasonal transitions from hot weather to cooler weather. During the days of these transitions, Cheong monitors weather reports closely while keeping an eye out for specific things (e.g. temperature, dew point, humidity level). When there’s a chance of thick fog, he’ll spend a few sleepless nights at his lookout points, hoping that favorable conditions will develop.

When fog does roll into town, Cheong will fix his camera to a spot and capture multiple exposures, which are later blended together in Photoshop using layer masks. Here are some of the fog photos in his portfolio so far:

Heavenly Dubai 1024px

Cloud One 1024px

View from Burj Khalifa 5 1024px

Landing On Planet Dubai 1024px

Cryogenic Sunrise

View from Index 01 1024px

Cryogenic Dubai 1024px

Vertigo Fog 3 1024px

View from Burj Khalifa 3 1024px

Dawn on Cloud City

View from Burj Khalifa 6 1024px

Dubai Fog Blues

You can find more of Cheong’s work on his website and through his Facebook page.

Image credits: Photographs by Daniel Cheong and used with permission