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The Omega is the World’s First 10-in-1 Shoot Through Reflector



Meet the Omega, the world’s first 10-in-1 shoot through reflector. Designed by photographer Jerry Ghionis and manufactured by Westcott, the product has removable center panel that allows you to use it like you would a giant beauty dish or ring flash.

Measuring 38″x45″, the Omega features a 1-stop diffusion panel as the frame and white, silver, sunlight, and black coverings. That accounts for 5 of the uses. In the center of the reflector is a 2:3 removable frame, allowing you to use the traditional 5 surfaces in a ring reflector manner (boosting the number of uses up to 10).



In shoot-through mode, the reflector allows photographers to use a single light source as both a main light and a back light.


The kit can be folded down to 1/3 of its full size, and comes with a carrying case, a shoulder strap, and suction cups used for mounting the reflector to glass surfaces.

You can purchase the Westcott Omega (current on preorder) over at B&H for $100.

Westcott Omega Reflector Kit [B&H via The Digital Story]