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Hands On: See How the Nikon D750 Performs in a Plethora of Real-World Situations


The Canon 7D Mark II has kind of stolen many of the headlines away from a different camera that was released right around the same time: the Nikon D750. A full-frame shooter that boasts an impressive sensor, DPReview recently took the 750 out to Seattle’s Museum of Flight for a very informative, in-depth set of real-world tests that they’ve compiled into the 19-minute video review above.

The video really is the most comprehensive real-world test of the Nikon D750’s capabilities we’ve seen, and offers more than enough information for anybody who is trying to decide between it, the D610, D810, or even the D4s.

From low-light shooting where the AF’s purported -3ev AF capabilities can be put to the test, to challenging lighting situations where the dynamic range of the sensor and the camera’s metering abilities can really be pushed, the museum ended up offering a plethora of perfect scenarios.

Here are some screenshots from the part of the video where they had to push the ISO to 51,200 for a proper exposure:




Check out the video up top to see how the camera performed in all these situations and more, and then let us know what you think in the comments.

Are the differences between the D810 and the D750 enough to make you step up? Will the 750 tempt you to upgrade if you’ve got a 610? It seems like Nikon has a real winner on their hands with this one.