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Hack Combines Graphing Calculator and Game Boy Camera to Create a Selfie-Snapping Machine



Christopher Mitchell recently breathed some photographic life into a pice of technology many of us probably have languishing away in some drawer. With the help of an Arduino board, he’s found a way to Frankenstein a Texas Instruments graphing calculator and Game Boy Camera into the ArTICam: a 128–128 grayscale selfie machine.

Since the Game Boy Camera and Texas Instruments graphing calculator weren’t exactly designed to work with one another, Mitchell used an Arduino board and ready-made code to get the two to play together nicely. With the code already available, all he needed was some patience and soldering skills to complete the project.

If you have the required materials and are brave enough to give it a shot, check out the source code and instructions to get your own ArTICam up and running.

(via Engadget)