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Red Bull Raises the Extreme Video Bar with Interactive 3rd Person 360º Little Planet Wind Surfing Video


Red Bull is known for its clever advertising and incredible collection of sponsored adrenaline junkies. So, to make the most of both of these assets, the company recently decided to pair up with wind surfer Jason Polakow to create one of the most intense and immersive ‘tiny planet’ videos you’ve probably ever seen.

To capture the footage as you see it above — with Polakow’s head and bottom still in the frame — Red Bull’s camera team had to custom build a four-GoPro system that used a long pole attached to Polakow’s back. The resulting third-person perspective gives us an over-the-shoulder view of Polakow’s wind surfing adventures.

Not surprisingly, the video wasn’t only captured in the tiny planet format as shown above. Red Bull also included a completely interactive version of the 360º panorama video, which you can check out (and, of course, interact with) below:

To see more and hear the athlete’s thoughts on 360º footage technology, head on over to Red Bull’s blog post by clicking here… or… you know… spend the next hour playing around with the interactive video. We won’t judge.