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Real or Fake? GoPro Survives Fall from an Airplane, Crash Lands in a Pigpen


Here’s something crazy to help you shake off the gear fever all of this morning’s announcements probably induced. This footage supposedly captures what a GoPro saw after it was dropped from a skydiving airplane, survived that several thousand foot fall, and landed smack in a pigpen where one of Babe’s relatives tried to have it for lunch.

According to the video’s description, the owner of the pig pen stumbled across the camera 8 months after it had fallen and was able to salvage the video of its fall seen above. But as with any viral video, this one poses more questions than answers.

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 12.53.05 PM

Is it really possible that the GoPro survived that crazy of a fall? Did the spinning GoPro really sync up with the frame rate of the camera to create that really cool effect for the last few seconds of the fall (according to a few Redditors who analyzed the audio, the answer is yes)? And how exactly did this poor action cam survive 8 months of attempted eatings by various pigs?

We’ll let you decide whether or not the video is real or a fake, and you can feel free to drop your conclusions in the comments down below. One thing’s for sure: if this is real, it’s one heck of a commercial for how tough GoPros really are.

(via Gizmodo)