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Here’s What You Can Capture with a Camera Drone in a Major Airport


Drone’s aren’t allowed within a 5-mile radius of medium-to-large-sized airports in the United States. As a result, the Internet isn’t exactly teeming with photographs or videos taken from a drone’s perspective above those areas.

The video above offers a look at what you’d be able to capture if you were allowed to fly your camera drone around in a large airport. It was made in Mexico.

Mexico-based aerial photography and videography business Postandfly was recently given access to Mexico City International Airport, Mexico’s busiest airport and the second busiest in Latin America. An average of over 1,100 aircraft operations occur there per day.

The shoot was actually commissioned by the airport to celebrate the Air Traffic Control Agency there. In addition to the air traffic control tower, Postandfly’s drone captures a number of aircraft taxiing, taking off, and landing — all from pretty close range.



Needless to say, you shouldn’t try this “at home” in your country (particularly the US) unless you’ve gotten proper clearance from authorities. Otherwise, you could soon find yourself with the FBI hot on your trail.